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Assessments and Inventories

Documenting the natural resources on your site is critical to determining your plan of action, whether it be a site development, a restoration project, or simply compliance. Norman Ecological conducts numerous types of assessments to meet your project requirements. They include:

  • Wetland Surveys—wetlands and other jurisdictional waters are mapped to quantify their extent, show their location and configuration, and identify their type using GPS technology.
  • Natural Resource Inventories—prairies, woods, streams, riparian areas, wetlands, and other habitats are mapped, quantified, and graded to provide a better understanding of their ecological value and restoration potential.
  • Site Monitoring—vegetation surveys, water quality monitoring, and erosion & sediment control monitoring are conducted to meet local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Protected Plant Species Surveys—assessments are conducted for threatened, endangered, and other rare plant and animal species per the Endangered Species Act and state laws.

Restoration, Maintenance, and Management Services

Implementing proposed restoration plans, required mitigation, or permitted construction requires experience from a person that has hands-on knowledge of the work at hand. Norman Ecological has such experience.

  • Restoration & Management Plans—Norman Ecological has the experience to recognize the quality of a site and how to restore it. Consequently, plans are concise, comprehensive, and adaptive in nature.
  • Land Management and Maintenance Services—Norman Ecological has been performing maintenance and management activities (herbicide application, brushing, and prescribed burns) for over a two decades. We work with you to devise the best approach to managing and maintaining your land.


Permitting your project is a necessary requirement of the times. Norman Ecological has extensive experience dealing with local, state, and federal agencies during all stages of the permitting process.

  • Section 404 and 401 Permitting—Norman Ecological has developed a good rapport with state and federal agencies (e.g., U.S. Army Corps of Engineers District) that authorize wetland permits and mitigation.