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Norman Ecological Consulting, LLC

Norman Ecological Consulting, LLC is a small business with an ecological expertise. It offers a full suite of services for the company or individual that wants an experienced, conscientious, and science-based firm to do their environmental work. We strive to exceed our Clients’ expectations, while meeting agency requirements and industry standards.

Services offered include:

Ecological restoration and plans

Wetland delineations and determinations

Wetland permitting and mitigation

Natural resource inventories

Rare plant surveys

Vegetation monitoring

Land management services

Norman Ecological Consulting

Norman Ecological Consulting was founded in 2007 by Frank Norman, president and senior ecologist. Our mission is to bring realistic ecological science to the forefront and to provide practical solutions to client’s projects while protecting our natural resources.  We collaborate with other firms to supplement project needs, enhance proposal acceptance and success as well as working together to develop innovative solutions.


We will work with you whether you are a large firm requiring additional staff for that large development project, a smaller company seeking wetland or rare plant expertise, or an individual landowner looking for some advice on the restoration of a prairie or eradication of a troublesome weed. We will meet or exceed your expectations no matter how large or small.

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Selected Projects

Wetland Delineation and Permitting, Housing Development, Lawrence, Kansas 2023-current

Provide Wetland Services and Mitigation *Delineate Wetlands and Streams *Lead federal and State Permitting efforts * Assist in Mitigation and Water Quality Efforts

Wetland Mapping for the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas in Brown County, Kansas, 2022-23

Identify Potential Wetlands and Provide a Data Base for the Tribe *ID Potential Wetlands *Conduct Ground Truthing *Refine Presence of Wetlands

Botanical Services for Nationwide Wetland Survey

Monitoring Wetlands in Three States *Identify Tree, Shrub, and Wildflower Species *Determine Plant Abundance and Diversity *Follow Lab Protocol

Wetland Delineation for the PBPN Tribe in Kansas

Assess 260-acre Forest for Wetlands and Stream *Delineate Wetlands and Streams *Identify Rare Plants and Other Notable Features

Floristic Quality Assessment (FQA) for the PBPN Tribe in Kansas

Initiate Study of Floristic Quality of Riparian Woods *Establish permanent transects *Submit In-depth Data Analysis and Report *Provide Management Recommendations

NWCA Monitoring for Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas

Assist Indian Tribe in Assessing Wetland Resources *Select Wetlands for Monitoring *Identify Plant Species *Measure Plant Cover and Diversity